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Easter wishes

‘The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.’ Deepak Chopra

Whilst Easter represents second chances to many I am inclined to think of the road ahead, the challenges that lie before me in business and the amazing opportunities which are coming. Easter brings a feeling of hope and that seems to shine in everything around. The snow drop flowers penetrate the frost and the daffodils brighten the garden displaying no signs of weakness from the winter. For myself Easter is egg-citing connoting new beginnings blooming in hope, For me it’s the start of the movement towards a whole new way of thinking. I aim to show clinicians and educate them on my latest campaign – the disposable movement.

Easter marks the start of a collective group of clinical leaders coming together to advocate and become ambassadors of this mission in order to prevent infection in healthcare.

Whilst Easter also marks another hectic upcoming spring and summer travel itinery it also reminds of me what is fantastic about home! And first of all, I have to say it’s definitely the chocolate! The chocolate in Europe is some of the best in the world and so where else would you rather spend Easter ??

This year in the UK we have had an especially cold start to spring with the lead up to Easter. The country has been battling with beast from the east snow blizzards but in times of struggle the community of Manchester really know how to pull together. One frosty morning my pipes burst outside due to the ice , emergency plumbers and handy men came to my rescue alongside family friends offering use of there washing machines and showers as the water was cut off. I very much had to count my blessings and it inspired me to spread a little love back in the community, taking evenings to deliver spare jumpers, clothes to the homeless, check in on many of my international friends parents ensuring they had necessities in their home and the older generations weren’t having to tackle the walk in the ice.

I’ve lived all over the world and traveled far and wide, I was brought up in an exceptionally international house hold and the majority of my family still live abroad either full time or for most of the year. But the last few weeks made me very grateful for my home friends and quite proud to be a Mankunion and the run up to Easter certainly brought a religious moral line to mind – Love thy neighbor.

Whilst my friend’s children run around finding eggs in the garden and celebrating the festivity surrounded by loved ones and family,I am grateful for a bank holiday that brings us closer together. Wishing you all a fantastic Easter and a wonderful long weekend, however you spend it.

Easter wishes

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