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Reduce amputation risk

Diabetes Mellitus is a devastating metabolic disorder affecting 415 million people worldwide. This number is expected to rise to 642 million by 2040.


Diabetes is the main cause of lower limb amputation in developed countries. In England alone there are around 135 amputations a week at a cost of £650 million a year. In 80% of cases, these amputations are preceded by a foot ulcer. One of the main contributing factors for a diabetic foot ulcer is peripheral neuropathy where nerve damage means the patient loses protective sensation in the foot. Clinically, one of the most reliable ways to assess a patients' loss of protective sensation is to use a 10-g Monofilament. This is reflected in NICE Guideline NG19 (Aug 2016) and in Scotland, SIGN 116 (Sept 2013). In both documents the correct use of a 10-g monofilament is described and recommended.


Patients are not getting the correct diagnosis

The diagnosis of neuropathy is crucial to preventing amputations. Regular foot assesment is key, especially for people who are suffering from diabetes.


Accurate monofilament

Detecting peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease, which can lead to injuries or ulceration is essential so actions can be implemented to prevent injuries early. These injuries put patients at risk of future problems and potential amputations. The Bailey monofilament rated the most accurate monofilament in the world is perfect for diagnosing neuropathy.

Let me explain the issue with various other monofilaments – Most monofilaments are made with Nylon, Nylon is sensitive to other factors such as moisture absorbed into the filament. This happens due to differences in atmospheric pressure and different climates. This changes the modulus of elasticity which can leads to inaccurate readings. This in turn leads to misdiagnosis.

The Bailey monofilament rated the most accurate monofilament in the world is perfect for diagnosing neuropathy. It is made with a trademark company secret filament which does not absorb moisture .For more information on the accurate monofilament please visit

'It is imperative that patients get the correct diagnosis. Detection of neuropathy saves lives '

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