How to save your feet at exhibitions

So you want to wear the heels with that wonderful work dress you wear .....

Avoid products that haven't been designed with a medical input. The 9-5 insole was designed by podiatrists.

It is the best product of the century and literally my savior. I wouldn't be a good women if i didn't share this secret with you !

Things you need to know :

  • Insoles fit all heel types and heights

  • Available in S/M/L (sizes 3 to 10) Size Guide

  • Available in 3 colours – hot pink, clear and black

  • Peppermint infused, simply wash with soap and water to restore freshness

  • Transferrable between pairs of shoes

Why are they different and why are they perfect for your feet?

  • metatarsal support shifts weight away from the ball of your foot, eliminating burning pain

  • Designed by podiatrists

  • tapered shape means it won’t squash your toes

  • slightly sticky texture means it won’t move about as you walk or dance!